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Furnace problems should i get a Technican

Posted by [email protected] on December 30, 2020 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (9944)

I had a service call the other day and I was amazed at how much people just dont understand that your furnace is more that a mechanical heater so you stay nice and warm in the winter. They also dont understand anything about Carbon Monoxide or how dangerous you furnace really is. First and to piont yes the unit belongs to the home owner if they wish to fix them themself, just understand that you might make it harder for a good service mechanic to fix it later costing you more in the long run.

 I have been in this industry since I was 14 years of age. I can honestly say home owners cause themselfs more problems. They watch youtube video's and all of a sudden they think they are a service tech. When it comes to furnace repair their is a couple of things one is carbon monoxide and the other is Gas. Carbon monoxide every single year people die from it. In Saskatchewan Canada there is a least one death evey single year. Gas explosions happen all the time. 

I have home owners call me up to buy gas valves and ventor motors  and many more parts that are serious part replacements. A perfect example of this was just yesterday. I went to the supply store and I watched a lady go in after I came out. They sent here out to my truck she ran and started showing me pictures of what she needed. No service mechanic would have done what they did I told her she needed a service call and she said she just needed the part I explained to her that no supplier was going to sell the part to her I also explained to her how much it would cost to fix her furnace. She did not care The part that was need was the inducer motor that puts the bad carbon Monoxide out of the house. I also explained that to her as well. I also explained that if it is not done right what can happen. 

Some people need to realize gas fitters are train to work with this stuff. There is a reason we go to school. I personally have the highest license you can get and I learned from John Dutton was my professor in college. John dutton was the expert that produced the book on the fundumentals of Natural Gas. All gas fitters around  the world probably have read his book. In canada you would never pass the gas fitter exam without it. You would not even understand anything about gas without this man knowledge. 

I was his top student and I have taught myself, But I rather be in the field working just me. I am 51 now with more than 36 years in this trade I have been self employed since the age of 21. 

The best thing i can say and advice to home owners read and find out what you are dealing with before you make a serious mistake. contact a reputable company with good reviews and let them fix it.

When should I Call a Furnace repair Company?

Posted by [email protected] on December 25, 2019 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (10123)

There are many different things you can do before calling a service company for furnace repair.


First start at the thermostat if you have a digitail thermostat, when was the last time you changed your batteries. I can not stress enough because every single year I have got about 25 calls to fix a furnace in a residential home to find out when I get there you need new batteries. Sure I dont mind but really I am not a big fan of charging a service call fee for nothing really. It just might save you a little money by changing the batteries every 3 months. Rule of thumb is if you have Central A/C as well is every 3 months. Heat only once before winter and once in the Middle of the winter. You can usaully tell if the furnace runs for a few minutes then shuts down again. If you want to test if the thermostat is the problem simply put a jumper wire between the R & W wires.


When was the last time you changed your filters? Another common problem that home owners should be checking all the time why because your furnace works with airflow. A dirty air filter will mean the furnace has to work twice as hard to push the air through. Drywall dust is extreamly bad for high efficency furnaces and A/C coils. A good example is trying to blow air through your napkin. blow on your hand for a second then put  a napkin in front of it less air right. Now look at the design of a pleted filter there is little tiny holes if those holes get plugged up its like trying to blow air through a brick wall. A good indication is the furnace is running flame or on and upstairs the air is very little and the blower motor is running full tilt.

Air Conditioning coil:

Have you ever had the A/C coil cleaned? I bet right now at least 1/2 of all you are saying never. Example of this also works with filters. Lets say you change your filter all the time because you know you needed your ducts cleaned. OK well your A/C unit pumps refrigerant to the coil at a high speed thats why the small tube gets hot or warm to the touch. In the A-Coil inside your furnace it slows down as it goes through a bunch of small tubs coming out the larger tubs returning to the outside. Making ICE like a Ice Machine the air from your blower motor melts this ice pushing the cold air through your duct system to cool your home. I bet this makes lots of sense now. OK if dust gets past the filter what do you think will happen? Dont worry I tell you! The dust sticks to the moist A-Coil and it goes in some cases for many years because your A/C technican does not clean it unless you ask him. Or you never have your A/C unit serviced. Within a few years it will be like a blanket under the coil and your trying to blow air through it. Then in the winter you turn your furnace on and the temperature coming out is very hot in fact about between 127 F to 153 F. so what it does is just like an oven you will bake all that dirt on the coil. It not something that is very easy to clean you need special cleaner and special combs to clean it and HVAC techs always have them. You should have you A/C coil checked and cleaned every 2 years. Inside the house and outside the house. You can save yourself a lot of money by just getting the maitenance work dont. Same as your furnace. A good A/C company will charge around the 300 dallars range to clean the coils properly as well as a full service check-up.

These 3 tips will save you time and money and you did not even have to call me. If your in need of furnace repair service we do work 24/HRs in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  Call Now for emergency furnace repair (306)220-7584

Stay updated for more tips by checking back regularly and follow us on facebook! New tips Next week I promise. 

At MWK Heating & Cooling LTD we offer a Fast, Freindly, Reliable 24/HR Emergency Furnace Repair Service even on holiday's and weekends. So you never have to be in the cold.  

New furnace for Christmas!

Posted by [email protected] on October 29, 2019 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (3918)

Check are new offer on our business page on Google

Are new payment plans will help all our new and exsisting clients.

When is time to upgrade my heating system!

Posted by [email protected] on March 19, 2018 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (28)

This is a really good question as it could be different in some cases depending on your home and the area where you live. It is a fact that many home owners don't really have even a basic idea when it comes to there home heating system.

Well I can say that most times there is a perfect time to upgrade everything from your furnace, water heater and Air conditioner. If you started getting costly repair bills, your warranty is finished or if your units are more than 10-15 years old. 

About 10 years ago in Saskatchewan they where giving big rebates for home owners that where going to do upgrades. Sure this was great for the home owners but there is somethings that home owners just didn't know. 

When the government was giving these rebates every Tom and Harry was getting into the business because that is were the money was. Starting up customers customers were just looking for the best price they could get for the best units on the market.

Well I can tell you that there are a lot of angry people out there right now! In fact this year I have had to change about 15 furnaces because of plugged secoundary heat exchanger. Some of these furnaces were only around 5 years old. 

People just got any company they could find, not checking to see how long they have been in business. Not checking the reviews of a business or even finding out if they had insurance. It is the home owners responsiblty to check these simple things. 

Well I can tell you many of the  problems where because the unit was install wrong from day one. I will give you an example go down and look at your new furnace there is probably to pipes coming out of it. OK are they black and say DWV or ABS on them. If they do they are wrong. In the gas code book all plastic pipe has to be PVC 636 gas vent pipe. It is white or grey (cpvc) but it will say 636 vent pipe on the pipe. They also need to use primer and glue not any glue 636 glue.

I can see you going to check this right now and I will tell you why! I have seen this 1000 times over and over the black pipe is not made for heat infact it melts. The walls inside will break down and plug up. DWV means domestic water vent pipe. for plumbing only.

So if I where to walk into your basement it would be very easy to see if your furnace was installed right from day one. The next thing I look for is if it is drianing properly, many times I have found that the right slope was not put into the furnace for it to drian propely causing the condensation to back up into the furnace. Most cases this will cause the secoundary heat exchanger to get plugged up after to many of years running this way.

So other things I seen is units are oversized or people have a 2 stage furnace when they only need a single stage. A great example of this is an older home that is around 1000 sq/ft putting in a larger furnace with to stage heating is not going to change anything in most cases it will always seem that the furnace never shuts off.

The proper furnace for a house like this is around 60,000 BTU single stage yes one of the more cheaper ones. Installed right should be around $4200.00 Even the white pvc pipe cost more you can check this at home depot. 636 pvc pipe 10 feet long is around $25 per length and the fittings are twice as much if not more than the ABS pipe and fittings 12 foot abs pipe 2 inch is 6.98 per length. fittings cost less than $2 each. 

A real Heating and Cooling company will always put the right stuff in. 

A good sign that your furnace secoundary heat exchanger is giving a problem is the little roll out switch on the side of the burners if keeps having to be reset start shopping around because your going to need a new furnace. Sooner or later it will start putting carbon monoxide in your home and we all know what that does.

Thanks for readiing this blog from

MWK Heating & Cooling LTD

110 Carling Place 

Saskatoon SK



Early spring upgrades

Posted by [email protected] on February 28, 2018 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (1124)

Because of the warm weather MWK Heating & Cooling LTD is offering an early season upgrade sale!

At MWK Heating & Cooling LTD people love that we have some off the best warranties in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and that we have reasonable pricing. Most companies offer just the standard warranties in Saskatoon because the weather here can be so bad here at times. We get weather in the winter that can be outright nasty and the summers can get real hot causing more were and tear on your heating & cooling system. 

Our early Season package deals are some of the best in the industry! We always show up, we always get back to you right away when you need us the most. The past winter i heard other companies charging outragous prices just to go and have look. Over the last couple of years companies are increasing there service call rates by more than 100%. The truth is we at MWK do understand why. many times we have gone to a home owners house to figure out what is wrong with there furnace and the home owners just want us to figure it out, then turn around and get the cheapest company they can find or worse try and fix it themselves. 

There is a reason you are supposed to be a gas fitter to work on a furnace or a water heater or a garage heater. Most heating and cooling pros have gone to school for years and we know exactly what can happen if a mistake is made. A great example of this i went to a home a couple of years ago and the customer paid me to figure out what was wrong with there furnace. He did not want me to fix it just figure out what was wrong. It was an easy fix infact it was just a high temp roll-out switch, but I also explained to him that that is the first sign of a plugged secoundary heat exchanger. I also told him he would have to replace his furnace soon. He decided to get a secound opinion some guy that really did not have any experience. He went in changed a couple parts. 

About a year latter I got a call from that customer to come and change the furnace and the water heater at the same time I gave him a great deal, while working installing the new furnace he told me exactly what happened in the middle of the winter when your furnace works the most the furnace stop working but the worst thing was everybody had to go to the hospital. Why carbon monoxide! What the customer did not remember was I told him in the middle of winter when it is really cold that is when the secoundary heat exchanger is most used. most 2 stage units are great if they are installed right from day one. 

When it is not to cold out your furnace will mostly stay on low fire, but when it is really cold the secound stage kicks in and switches to high fire so it is easy for the furnace to keep up with the demand, but if the secoundary heat exchanger is plugged the flames will back-up and burn out the high temp switch. The high temp roll-out switch is the little switch on the side of the burner that has a reset button. if you notice that you are always resetting it change your furnace. In that customers case luckly nobody died. Carbon Monoxide is deadly and it might start as a headache then flu like, vomitting, knocked out then death. 

The funny thing is the customer told me that this furnace was only about 5 years old, Between 5 10 years ago the government was offering these big rebates for people upgrading there heating system. So because people where getting most of there money back through rebates there was a lot of work going on. Guys that are in the industry where starting businesses becuase of these rebates, even if they never installed a furnace in there life. The old saying is people will go where the money is comes to mind. 

Years latter now that there are no more rebates people keep calling our company saying that they had this furnace installed by so and so and it is under warranty. I always tell them to call the company that installed it and it is always the same answer, not in business anymore. Got a great deal but can't find them for warranty. Reputable companies are not going to cover other peoples warranties. We have our own warranties and if I installed it I personally would fix it for free. 

All our furnaces, water heaters, a/c units comes with a 10 year parts and labor warranty, our furnace and a/c units have an extended warranty on the parts. Our prices are reasonable for the products we sell and for the warranty we give! In most cases we are really competive with everybody else. We will never compete with the fly by night guy's and we will not compare to some of there pricing. The average cost to replace a furnace should be in the $4200-5000 range, power vent water heaters between $1800-2400 A/C units for central air between $3800-4500. Most reputable compaies would be in this range. You will never have to worry about your warranty and the best way to find the right contractor is read the reviews. There are some sites like that verifiy the reviews a great place to find some of the best contractors in canada. We have won the award this year for best Heating & Cooling in Saskatoon this year it was a great year. 

Carbon Monoxide the Killer!

Posted by [email protected] on December 20, 2017 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (343)

Carbon Monoxide the silent Killer!

Every year 20,000 to 30,000 people in the USA get sick from Carbon Monoxide posioning and about 500 people die from from it.

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It cannot be detected by humans without the help of a detector. You will never beleive how many prople in Canada alone don't by a Carbon Monoxide detector for there home. For the price of a good one it is less than $100 but it will save your life.

Every year is a matter of fact there is headlines in the News Papers about a family that has died from this special killer. Infact last year I was a Sub-Contractor for a company and one of the employee's relatives died from Carbon Monoxide. Being in the industry I have heard this many times but for me personaly this really hit home base, So my friends and family and coworkers this is just for you with all my Heart I am saddend for your loss. For people can not understand the loss of there loved ones for something that is so easy to prevent.

I wish to provide this as with a peace of mind to help all in the world so they never have to feel what you and your family has gone through. First things first there is a reason why you should have your Gas Appliances checked and that is Carbon Monoxide. Many people shrug there shoulders when I say that, because I am in the service industry.  Ok I will give you that! Think about it this way if I can prevent 1 person from loss of life it is worth my time. Yes my business makes money from matinenace checks and sure I want your business. But not at the cost of someones life. You can always call another company and that is fine with me as long as you dyo it!

Now I will explain about Carbon Monoxide a little for you. The maximum allowable concentation for short term exposure in a living area according to ASHRAE standards is 9 parts per Million. The closer to 0 is best, a good example is in my on home with my furnace running on high between 1 ppm and 0 ppm. Now I will give you some for the workplace, The max allowable concentration for continuous exposure in any eight hour period industry according to MIOSHA standard is 35ppm. 15 min OSHA slight Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea after 2-3 hrs 200ppm. 400ppm frontal headaches with-in 1-2 hrs 400ppm. 800ppm dizziness, nausea, and convulsions with-in 45 min Unconsciousness with 2 hrs death with-in 3 hrs. I can go on and on but I am going to give you one more 12800ppm Death with-in 1 to 3 minutes. 

So I guess you get the picture. If you feel good out in the fresh air then go in your home and always seem to get headaches it might not just be a sinus problem. Get your furnace and other gas appliances checked out by a qualified proffesional. I personally go in every service call with a Carbon Monoxide detector so I dont Die! This message is from MWK Heating & Cooling LTD 

Upgrading your furnace!

Posted by [email protected] on September 11, 2017 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (32)

Uprgading your heating system you need to know a few things.

Many people dont ask the right questions and end up using contractors that they shouldn't. 

Good example of these questions in the following:

1. How much does it cost to upgrade my furnace, total price?

2. What kind of warranty comes with the new furnace?

3. Are you Bonded?

4. Do you have insurance?

5. Do you pull permits?

6. When can you install the new unit?

There are many other questions that could be asked but these are the basic questions. Take time to choose the company your dealing with as some companies are sure better than others. Some contractors are new and some are old but reviews from other customers is one of the best ways to get a feel for your contractor. A great place to see reviews is this site checks the reviews even contacts the customer to verify. 

To answer a couple questions for you we will start with the cost. The average cost to install a new furnace should be between $4000-5000. You might think this is expensive but really its not. There are a lot of different things that can effect the cost of installing a new furnace change, one of the main reasons is warranty. A permfect example of this is lets say a company gives you this great price around $3000. Do you think you have a great warranty? I would probably say NO! Why most reputable companies are going to give you a least 10 years on your new furnace. They would not be making anough money on it that they would wish to return to fix problems trust me on this one I know this for a fact. In fact this company will probably not be in business after about 3 years and other companies are not going to cover someone elses work. I cannot stress this fact enough as I see many people calling are company to fix furnaces that another company installed.

If a company is giving you a warranty how easy is it for you to reach them and how fast will they fix the problem. Warranty issues should be fixed right away I say, its good for business and it lets the customer know you stand by your products. Ask around family, friends and co-workers most people have had and might know who is good to deal with and who is not. Is the company asking you to post reviews for them. ask your friends if they would tell other people about this company. Our company is built on referrals, every year around winter we ask customers to write a review. I might be old fashioned but we even send out christmas cards. Most of our customers treat us friends and we treat them the same way.

When MWK Heating & Cooling LTD installs a new Furnace, Water Heater or new central A/C in your home we want you to call us as soon as you have any problems no matter how small. We don't just want you as a customer we want your friends, your family, your neighbour even your lawyer. Thats why we have great warranties! Thats why we have grown our business over the years! That is also why we will be in business for many years to come.

Maybe today its just your water heater, but we know someday you will need a Furnace, A/C, Garage heater. It makes common sense that we do a great job and give you a great warranty as you most likley call us first. If your in need of heating, cooling services we want to be the first company on your mind.

MWK Heating & Cooling LTD is a family operated business, if you would like to read are reviews you can see them at under the heating and cooling section.

There is a reason we have been nominated 2 years in a row for top heating and cooling company in Saskatoon SK.

MWK Heating & Cooling LTD
Saskatoon Saskatchewan