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24 Hour Furnace Repair Service

with MWK Heating & Cooling LTD, Saskatoon SK #306-220-7584

Is it to hot or to cold in your home? Need Your Furnace Fixed Fast, Call MWK Heating & Cooling LTD

Furnace or Central Air Conditioner given you a headache? Call NOW! (306)220-7584



Early spring upgrades

Posted by [email protected] on February 28, 2018 at 10:10 AM

Because of the warm weather MWK Heating & Cooling LTD is offering an early season upgrade sale!

At MWK Heating & Cooling LTD people love that we have some off the best warranties in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and that we have reasonable pricing. Most companies offer just the standard warranties in Saskatoon because the weather here can be so bad here at times. We get weather in the winter that can be outright nasty and the summers can get real hot causing more were and tear on your heating & cooling system. 

Our early Season package deals are some of the best in the industry! We always show up, we always get back to you right away when you need us the most. The past winter i heard other companies charging outragous prices just to go and have look. Over the last couple of years companies are increasing there service call rates by more than 100%. The truth is we at MWK do understand why. many times we have gone to a home owners house to figure out what is wrong with there furnace and the home owners just want us to figure it out, then turn around and get the cheapest company they can find or worse try and fix it themselves. 

There is a reason you are supposed to be a gas fitter to work on a furnace or a water heater or a garage heater. Most heating and cooling pros have gone to school for years and we know exactly what can happen if a mistake is made. A great example of this i went to a home a couple of years ago and the customer paid me to figure out what was wrong with there furnace. He did not want me to fix it just figure out what was wrong. It was an easy fix infact it was just a high temp roll-out switch, but I also explained to him that that is the first sign of a plugged secoundary heat exchanger. I also told him he would have to replace his furnace soon. He decided to get a secound opinion some guy that really did not have any experience. He went in changed a couple parts. 

About a year latter I got a call from that customer to come and change the furnace and the water heater at the same time I gave him a great deal, while working installing the new furnace he told me exactly what happened in the middle of the winter when your furnace works the most the furnace stop working but the worst thing was everybody had to go to the hospital. Why carbon monoxide! What the customer did not remember was I told him in the middle of winter when it is really cold that is when the secoundary heat exchanger is most used. most 2 stage units are great if they are installed right from day one. 

When it is not to cold out your furnace will mostly stay on low fire, but when it is really cold the secound stage kicks in and switches to high fire so it is easy for the furnace to keep up with the demand, but if the secoundary heat exchanger is plugged the flames will back-up and burn out the high temp switch. The high temp roll-out switch is the little switch on the side of the burner that has a reset button. if you notice that you are always resetting it change your furnace. In that customers case luckly nobody died. Carbon Monoxide is deadly and it might start as a headache then flu like, vomitting, knocked out then death. 

The funny thing is the customer told me that this furnace was only about 5 years old, Between 5 10 years ago the government was offering these big rebates for people upgrading there heating system. So because people where getting most of there money back through rebates there was a lot of work going on. Guys that are in the industry where starting businesses becuase of these rebates, even if they never installed a furnace in there life. The old saying is people will go where the money is comes to mind. 

Years latter now that there are no more rebates people keep calling our company saying that they had this furnace installed by so and so and it is under warranty. I always tell them to call the company that installed it and it is always the same answer, not in business anymore. Got a great deal but can't find them for warranty. Reputable companies are not going to cover other peoples warranties. We have our own warranties and if I installed it I personally would fix it for free. 

All our furnaces, water heaters, a/c units comes with a 10 year parts and labor warranty, our furnace and a/c units have an extended warranty on the parts. Our prices are reasonable for the products we sell and for the warranty we give! In most cases we are really competive with everybody else. We will never compete with the fly by night guy's and we will not compare to some of there pricing. The average cost to replace a furnace should be in the $4200-5000 range, power vent water heaters between $1800-2400 A/C units for central air between $3800-4500. Most reputable compaies would be in this range. You will never have to worry about your warranty and the best way to find the right contractor is read the reviews. There are some sites like that verifiy the reviews a great place to find some of the best contractors in canada. We have won the award this year for best Heating & Cooling in Saskatoon this year it was a great year. 

Categories: Furnace Installation, Furnace repair, Carbon Monoxide

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