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24 Hour Furnace Repair Service

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When should I Call a Furnace repair Company?

Posted by [email protected] on December 25, 2019 at 9:30 AM

There are many different things you can do before calling a service company for furnace repair.


First start at the thermostat if you have a digitail thermostat, when was the last time you changed your batteries. I can not stress enough because every single year I have got about 25 calls to fix a furnace in a residential home to find out when I get there you need new batteries. Sure I dont mind but really I am not a big fan of charging a service call fee for nothing really. It just might save you a little money by changing the batteries every 3 months. Rule of thumb is if you have Central A/C as well is every 3 months. Heat only once before winter and once in the Middle of the winter. You can usaully tell if the furnace runs for a few minutes then shuts down again. If you want to test if the thermostat is the problem simply put a jumper wire between the R & W wires.


When was the last time you changed your filters? Another common problem that home owners should be checking all the time why because your furnace works with airflow. A dirty air filter will mean the furnace has to work twice as hard to push the air through. Drywall dust is extreamly bad for high efficency furnaces and A/C coils. A good example is trying to blow air through your napkin. blow on your hand for a second then put  a napkin in front of it less air right. Now look at the design of a pleted filter there is little tiny holes if those holes get plugged up its like trying to blow air through a brick wall. A good indication is the furnace is running flame or on and upstairs the air is very little and the blower motor is running full tilt.

Air Conditioning coil:

Have you ever had the A/C coil cleaned? I bet right now at least 1/2 of all you are saying never. Example of this also works with filters. Lets say you change your filter all the time because you know you needed your ducts cleaned. OK well your A/C unit pumps refrigerant to the coil at a high speed thats why the small tube gets hot or warm to the touch. In the A-Coil inside your furnace it slows down as it goes through a bunch of small tubs coming out the larger tubs returning to the outside. Making ICE like a Ice Machine the air from your blower motor melts this ice pushing the cold air through your duct system to cool your home. I bet this makes lots of sense now. OK if dust gets past the filter what do you think will happen? Dont worry I tell you! The dust sticks to the moist A-Coil and it goes in some cases for many years because your A/C technican does not clean it unless you ask him. Or you never have your A/C unit serviced. Within a few years it will be like a blanket under the coil and your trying to blow air through it. Then in the winter you turn your furnace on and the temperature coming out is very hot in fact about between 127 F to 153 F. so what it does is just like an oven you will bake all that dirt on the coil. It not something that is very easy to clean you need special cleaner and special combs to clean it and HVAC techs always have them. You should have you A/C coil checked and cleaned every 2 years. Inside the house and outside the house. You can save yourself a lot of money by just getting the maitenance work dont. Same as your furnace. A good A/C company will charge around the 300 dallars range to clean the coils properly as well as a full service check-up.

These 3 tips will save you time and money and you did not even have to call me. If your in need of furnace repair service we do work 24/HRs in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  Call Now for emergency furnace repair (306)220-7584

Stay updated for more tips by checking back regularly and follow us on facebook! New tips Next week I promise. 

At MWK Heating & Cooling LTD we offer a Fast, Freindly, Reliable 24/HR Emergency Furnace Repair Service even on holiday's and weekends. So you never have to be in the cold.  

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