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When is time to upgrade my heating system!

Posted by [email protected] on March 19, 2018 at 5:00 PM

This is a really good question as it could be different in some cases depending on your home and the area where you live. It is a fact that many home owners don't really have even a basic idea when it comes to there home heating system.

Well I can say that most times there is a perfect time to upgrade everything from your furnace, water heater and Air conditioner. If you started getting costly repair bills, your warranty is finished or if your units are more than 10-15 years old. 

About 10 years ago in Saskatchewan they where giving big rebates for home owners that where going to do upgrades. Sure this was great for the home owners but there is somethings that home owners just didn't know. 

When the government was giving these rebates every Tom and Harry was getting into the business because that is were the money was. Starting up customers customers were just looking for the best price they could get for the best units on the market.

Well I can tell you that there are a lot of angry people out there right now! In fact this year I have had to change about 15 furnaces because of plugged secoundary heat exchanger. Some of these furnaces were only around 5 years old. 

People just got any company they could find, not checking to see how long they have been in business. Not checking the reviews of a business or even finding out if they had insurance. It is the home owners responsiblty to check these simple things. 

Well I can tell you many of the  problems where because the unit was install wrong from day one. I will give you an example go down and look at your new furnace there is probably to pipes coming out of it. OK are they black and say DWV or ABS on them. If they do they are wrong. In the gas code book all plastic pipe has to be PVC 636 gas vent pipe. It is white or grey (cpvc) but it will say 636 vent pipe on the pipe. They also need to use primer and glue not any glue 636 glue.

I can see you going to check this right now and I will tell you why! I have seen this 1000 times over and over the black pipe is not made for heat infact it melts. The walls inside will break down and plug up. DWV means domestic water vent pipe. for plumbing only.

So if I where to walk into your basement it would be very easy to see if your furnace was installed right from day one. The next thing I look for is if it is drianing properly, many times I have found that the right slope was not put into the furnace for it to drian propely causing the condensation to back up into the furnace. Most cases this will cause the secoundary heat exchanger to get plugged up after to many of years running this way.

So other things I seen is units are oversized or people have a 2 stage furnace when they only need a single stage. A great example of this is an older home that is around 1000 sq/ft putting in a larger furnace with to stage heating is not going to change anything in most cases it will always seem that the furnace never shuts off.

The proper furnace for a house like this is around 60,000 BTU single stage yes one of the more cheaper ones. Installed right should be around $4200.00 Even the white pvc pipe cost more you can check this at home depot. 636 pvc pipe 10 feet long is around $25 per length and the fittings are twice as much if not more than the ABS pipe and fittings 12 foot abs pipe 2 inch is 6.98 per length. fittings cost less than $2 each. 

A real Heating and Cooling company will always put the right stuff in. 

A good sign that your furnace secoundary heat exchanger is giving a problem is the little roll out switch on the side of the burners if keeps having to be reset start shopping around because your going to need a new furnace. Sooner or later it will start putting carbon monoxide in your home and we all know what that does.

Thanks for readiing this blog from

MWK Heating & Cooling LTD

110 Carling Place 

Saskatoon SK



Categories: Furnace Installation, Furnace repair, Carbon Monoxide

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Reply Mohammad Mizanur Rahman
1:35 AM on November 4, 2018 
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5:10 AM on February 6, 2019 
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